Rankin Bass Rocks

Doodles of Rankin Bass X-mas characers. I love the designs of Paul Coker Jr.


Alina Chau said...

oooh great drawings!

Gnarfdeath said...

nice drawings!! I love the Abominal Snowman. You captured their personalities!!

tinyfans said...

It looks like you are doing these drawings will a number of pencils in your hand at once. It is a fantastic technique. Can you please explain how you hold these pencils at one time? I have tried but cannot get the same kind of line that you are getting. Also what brands of pencils are you using? It appears to be darker and lighter pencils -- I'm guessing you are holding 3 to 5 pencils in your hand while you draw. I've never seen that before. Any information on this technique will be most helpful. Cheers - David.