Hulk Smash

A gag peice done up for the theme of "HULK SMASH " at the OUTSIDERS ART CLUB BLOG.



This post was concieved for The Outsider Art Club theme ," Kids at Play." One of my favorite pastimes as a kid was, ..." THE HUNT." Before the days of the comic shop, a comic book fan had to hunt for hidden gems of saturated adventure. 7-11, Your local drug store, the Grocery store, Garage sales, flea markets , and the dirty stinky Nostalgia shop. Any of these places could contain the missing current issue or a past issue that would complete the puzzle and unlock the keys to the universe.My favorite of these was 7-11. A one stop shop for all the essentials. Comics, SLURPEES with superheroes on the cups, and candy , candy , candy.( ZOTS and POP ROCKS were my fav.) Many a summer day was spent with my two best buddies in hot pursuit of ,..." COMICS." Special thanks to my 2 best buddies DARRYL YOUNG , and my brother JAMES BARBER , for riding their bikes for miles on end with me to find the missing links.